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The Home welcomes families to visit during the hours of 8am-9pm. Guests are a very important part of a Resident’s life, and we encourage regular visits by relatives and friends. Accordingly, we practice an open hour visitation policy with consideration for the comfort and schedules of all Residents. When visiting Residents in their room, keep in mind the “noise” element, which may be disturbing to other Residents. Facility staff reserves the right to ask visitors to leave the room while treatment is being given to the Resident.

Tips for Visiting Residents


  • Find a quiet place, sitting room or courtyard, so that you can be heard easily and where there are fewer distractions. Sometimes it is possible to take the Resident out of the facility for a walk or to a local coffee shop or restaurant; please check with the nurse in charge on the Residents unit
  • Book in a lunch or dinner with the Resident (via the front secretary)


  • Keep the conversation light. The stimulation of a few fun stories and a smile goes a long way to making a visit enjoyable
  • For Residents with cognitive impairments, it can be easier to host conversations if you use short, simple, sentences. Just as they cannot be hurried when walking, so can they not be hurried in their thoughts and communication


  • Reminisce about the early years of the Resident’s life. Help them remember songs, friends, school, previous jobs etc.
  • If the Resident only wants to talk about going home, help them express memories of their previous home
  • Bring in a labeled photo album and go through it with the Resident.


  • Children and pets are welcome (Pets must have up to date immunization)
  • Read recent letters, cards and or newspapers to the Resident or help the Resident write a letter or note to someone
  • Manicure nails, curl hair, light touch hand/foot massage, apply lotion to arms or legs.