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Resident Visits

By August 27, 2020Uncategorized

August 26, 2020


Please read below prior to your visit:



Resident Visits – Retirement Home and Nursing Home


This notice remains the same as previous with any new information highlighted in yellow.


We have been working on ways to ensure safe visiting methods. Visits are occurring Monday – Friday starting at 10 am and the last visit is at 3:30pm (resident mealtime excluded).


Please note that visits may be cancelled at any time in the event the home cannot meet the operational needs to facilitate and coordinate visits or if the home is in outbreak.


Each resident may receive one visit with one or two visitor(s) per week. This means that 2 persons can visit at the same time. They must arrive together at the designated visit booking time. If the 2nd visitor is late to arrive, they will not be able to join in the visit after it has begun.


This visit can occur either indoors at our conversation stations, or outdoors at one of our conversation stations. Your visit includes 1 outside area and 1 inside area this way no visits will be cancelled in the event of heat warnings, humidex warnings, rain, storms, high winds etc. It is your choice when you arrive to the home for a visit to pick which area you prefer. If, during your outdoor visit, you would prefer to come inside, you will be assigned the same station number indoors and outdoors. One of our staff will assist in getting you and your loved one set up outdoors.


There is some confusion as to if a test is required to visit the home.

For any visits – a NEGATIVE Covid-19 test is required.  Our staff can assist with looking up your results online as long as you bring your health card.

Again the tests are only valid for 14 days from the date of the test, not the date of the results.


Please do not call the Public Health Unit for results, if you require assist with obtaining results, please call the Fiddicks Secretary at 519-882-0370 and have your health card available.


The primary contact will be called or e-mailed weekly to set up appointments for future weeks and it will be up to their discretion who the visitor will be.


In order to promote a more homelike environment for visits, we have removed the long tables and black chairs and have replaced them with comfortable seating. We hope you and your loved one can feel more relaxed and enjoy your visit. The sanitation practices remain the same before and after visits as well as the social distancing rules.


Each day of the week is set aside for each unit as follows (however may change week to week to accommodate holidays and the homes covid-19 in-house testing for staff):


Monday = Barclay Lane


Tuesday = Retirement Home


Wednesday = Victoria Way


Thursday = Fairbank Court


Friday = Ruby Hall


The 30-minute allotment will include 5 minutes to bring the resident to the visiting area and 5 minutes to return the resident to their home area.


The visiting area will be cleaned and disinfected between every visit.


Please do not arrive until 5 minutes before your scheduled visit – Many people are coming and standing 10-15 minutes early. This poses risk to staff coming and going from their shifts.


We ask you do not arrive too early so you are not crossing paths with other visitors. In addition, the front parking area will be available for parking and/or drop offs.


Visitors are to ensure physical distancing with others on the site (6 feet).


We ask you to please follow the steps below to ensure a safe visit:


Go to the front entrance of the facility – note there are social distancing steps on the pavement for you to follow.


Undergo active screening with successful pass result (temp, symptoms, travel etc).


Provide proof of negative covid test results within the last 14 days or complete the attestation form.


Clean hands using the hand sanitizer or handwashing station provided. Please see below for instructions on hand hygiene:


A surgical/procedural mask will be provided for the visit and must be worn at all times. Please see below for proper application and removal of masks:


Do not bring pets or any outside beverages or food items.


Any packaged items that you would like to leave for your loved one should be left at the green table after screening to be sanitized. Please ensure it is labelled prior to arrival.


Do not physically embrace with your loved one. Please ensure that you are following physical/social distancing guidelines and remaining within designated area. Failure to do so will result in your loved one being in isolation for 14 days and a COVID-19 test completed. Future visits may be discontinued.


For a reference: Social distancing, also called “physical distancing,” means keeping a safe space between yourself and other people who are not from your household. To practice social or physical distancing, stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people who are not from your household in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

After blowing nose, touching eyes, mouth, coughing or sneezing and at the conclusion of the visit, clean hands with the hand sanitizer provided beside the visitor chair. Please see below for cough etiquette:


Exit the home’s property immediately at the conclusion of the visit. Please do not socialize with the staff walking by, at the screening stations, or with managers in their offices.


If you are unsure what to do, look around there will be signage on walls and flooring.


There is no public washroom available.


Please have patience as we are all learning new ways to keep residents, staff and visitors safe.


We will be keeping a log of all visitors and visits will be supervised to ensure the rules and regulations are being adhered to.


Enjoy your visit! It is great to see you again and we hope to continue to move forward to open up the Home safely to further visiting in the coming weeks.