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Anyone who sees or suspects a situation that harms or puts a Resident at risk of harm must report it to the RHRA. These are known as a Mandatory Reports.  Family members, substitute decision makers, retirement home staff and operators all have the same responsibility to help protect the Resident. Regulated health professionals such as doctors, nurses and social workers are also obligated to report harm or risk of harm to a Resident, such as:

  • Abuse or neglect of a resident; improper or incompetent treatment or care of a Resident
  • Unlawful conduct
  • Misuse or misappropriation of a Resident’s money

If you see or suspect a retirement home resident is being harmed or is at risk, please call 1‐855‐275‐7472.

Reports about harm can be made anonymously. There is no requirement to provide your name or contact details when reporting harm or a risk of harm.

If you choose to provide your name and telephone number, RHRA staff will follow up with you in the event more information is required.

If an inspection is conducted, a copy of the draft inspection report is provided to the retirement home, and the operator has up to 10 business days to respond to the findings

The final inspection report, which does not contain confidential information, is posted on the RHRA’s website and in the Retirement Home.