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Recreation and leisure services are organized to provide age-appropriate recreation, leisure and education that is fitting to the Residents abilities, strengths, needs, interests and former lifestyle. We get to know each Resident individually and provide them with programming and leisure opportunities based on their cultural background, past hobbies and special interests.

We have one member of our activity team dedicated to each Long-Term Care unit. They provide specialized programming to best meet the needs of the Residents on that unit, assist with nourishment carts and in the dining room. They also provide daily exercise groups.

The Activity team meets with all new Residents when they move in to learn about their background and special interests. They follow up with Residents on a regular basis for feedback on programming and how we can better meet their needs. The Activity Director participates in annual multi-disciplinary care conferences to discuss activity participation with the Resident and families.

Our team is made up of knowledgeable, enthusiastic and compassionate staff. We value fun and laughter, and place emphasis on the brighter side of life in our daily programming.

We know that recreation means different things to different people. For some Residents it can mean competition, while others may see it as socialization and companionship. Our trained recreation staff carefully plan and implement programs that address these basic needs and ensure every Resident is cared for.

Our Home offers a variety of programming that incorporates the 5 domains of wellbeing. These include physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness refers to a Resident’s ability to maintain a quality of life that permits performing Activities of Daily Living. A variety of physical programs include physical activity designed to enhance flexibility, strength and balance. Some examples of Physical Wellness programs are:

  • Outdoor Strolls: When the nice weather arrives, we love to get the Residents outside to enjoy! We may go out front to watch the cars past or for little walks down the street. Sometimes it’s nice to sit on the bench for a while and chat
  • Exercise Group: Our exercise group involves gathering in a common area and completing simple exercises for 30minutes. It is led by activity staff and begins with stretching, then simple range of motion exercises, then exercises

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness is engaging the Resident in a creative way by stimulating mental activities to expand their knowledge. A variety of programs such as trivia and name that tune encourage intellectual wellness. Some examples of Intellectual Wellness programs are:

  • Book Mobile – The Lambton County Library comes in once a month (usually the 2nd Monday) and exchanges Library book(s) with the Residents. Each Resident must first sign up and provide the librarian with a list of what they like to read. The following month they will deliver them to the Home and take back the old ones. Residents are responsible for their Library book(s) and may be charged or damaged or lost books
  • Penny Auction – Each month we host a penny auction. We give each of the Residents who attend the same amount of pennies. We bring prizes that the Residents are able to bid on for a little friendly competition. Whoever bids the most gets the prize. This game lasts until all of the prizes have been won
  • Guggenheimer/Word Games – This is a word game done with a smaller group of Residents who enjoy a brain challenge. It often requires testing your memory and coming up with certain words that fall under a certain category with a specific beginning letter
  • Dice Games – Each month Residents are able to participate in a variety of dice games. This includes Yahtzee, Balut and Liar’s Dice
  • Library Services – One Monday a month, a staff member from the Lambton County Library visits Fiddicks and provides a library service. They provide special materials for Residents such as large print books, picture books, and magazines
  • Roll-A-Trump – This is an active game where Residents roll a tennis ball onto a board with various holes in it. Each hole is worth a different score and is a different suit. Scores are added up at the end when each Resident has gone through all of their turns

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is the ability to understand oneself and cope with the highs and lows that life can bring. As humans we all have feelings of anger, sadness, stress, hope and joy. We have seen firsthand how music can help Residents cope with feelings of loss, depression and loneliness. We also provide other programs such as gardening group, manicures and spa times that boost Resident’s self-esteem. Some examples of Emotional Wellness programs are:

  • Manicures – Each unit has their own time booked in for manicures. The manicures are provided by the Homes activities staff. Our manicures consist of removing old nail polish, filing and cleaning the nails, and applying a new nail polish
  • Baking Bee – Small groups come together to assist in baking. Residents are able to work together to bake something new and delicious which they are able to enjoy together afterwards
  • Gardening Group – Within the warmer months, we try to take care of our gardens in the courtyards and out front by watering, planting, weeding, and maintaining. The Residents are able to assist staff in these tasks and are able to teach the staff a thing or two that they know about gardening. We do have raised flower bed which are good for those Residents who may utilize a wheelchair
  • Pet Visits – We recognize how important a pet can be when it comes to the physical and mental health of our Residents.  Many of our Residents grew up with pets that provided them with hours of entertainment, affection and companionship. We have regular Pet Visits scheduled in the Home to provide comfort and enjoyment to the Residents
  • Coloring and Crafts – Each month Residents will have the opportunity to produce a piece of art by using craft supplies such as beads, construction paper, coloring books, paint, glue, markers, pom poms and other art supplies

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is a personal topic involving values and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives. We respect that everyone may have a different view of what spiritualism is. We offer weekly programs such as church service and bible study that touch on religious needs. Some examples of Spiritual Wellness programs are:

  • Pastoral Care Program – The pastoral care program will promote, facilitate and coordinate pastoral care as an integral component of Resident care. Currently, we offer spiritual services for Residents as well as end of life counselling for family. Our chaplain, Bob Gibson, is aware of and displays sensitivity to the multi-cultural and multi-faith, religious beliefs and practices
  • Covenant Christian Youth Choir – Once a month, the Covenant Christian Youth Choir comes in and sings hymns along with the Residents
  • Church Service – Weekly, our non-denominational church service is held for all Residents to attend. The church leader for the worship service rotates each week from each church in our community. On the last Thursday of the month, Residents receive communion at church service
  • RC Communion – St. Phillip’s Catholic Church comes in weekly to provide communion to our Catholic Residents in their room or on their unit

Social Wellness

Social wellness is one’s ability to interact and connect with people around them. Some programs that encourage social interaction include bingo, coffee and tea socials, themes parties and crafting groups. We offer smaller and larger group programming options, so Residents have the choice to participate in their desired class size. Our staff also provide 1:1 visits on a daily basis to Residents who are not comfortable participating in group programs or are unable to leave their room. Some examples of Social Wellness programs are:

  • Sing -A-Long – Residents are brought together to participate in a sing-a-long program where they are also provided Song books and various instruments (maracas, tambourines, etc.) to play along with the music
  • Men’s Club – The men all gather to enjoy some snacks and a beverage if they desire and talk about things they can relate to each other with such as farming, current news or sports, etc. Sometimes there are special men’s clubs (ex. Super bowl Sunday). In the warmer months they can enjoy a beer while playing outdoor games
  • BINGO – Bingo is held every Monday and Friday at 2:15pm in Retirement Home. The Residents do not require money to play. The activity staff bring prizes that are won rather than monetary winnings. Everybody is welcome to come play! Staff are there to assist Residents who may not be able to play on their own
  • Birthday Party: Each month we have a birthday party for all the Residents that have a birthday that month. There is usually a band or performer that plays for the hour and cake is served. We also announce all the birthdays and the band plays Happy Birthday. All family and friends are welcome to attend
  • Happy Hour – Drinks of choice are served along with snacks while the Residents are able to enjoy the music and socialize with others. If able, happy hour can be an outdoor event (there is not cost for alcohol)
  • Lunch Bunch – These food programs occur once a month as it is a chance for our Residents to enjoy meals they are not served in the dining room. We ask Residents for their input of what they would like to try. It is a chance for Residents to socialize with others who they do not normally sit with at meals. Space is limited so we try and rotate each month which Residents are invited to attend
  • Entertainment – We have various musical performers come in each month to entertain the Residents. All entertainment is different and the genre of music varies.
  • 1:1 Visits – One to one visits allow staff to visit with a Resident on an individual basis. These visits can include going for a walk, discussing past memories, playing a game, etc. These programs are generally geared to those Residents who do not attend group programs and perhaps feel comfortable in smaller crowds
  • Themed Socials/Parties – These programs occur about once a month when there is a special holiday or reason to celebrate. There is usually music, decorations, games, food and drinks are served. Residents may wish to dress up for the occasion (ex. Green for St. Patrick’s Day)

Families are welcome to attend all programs with their loved ones. Everything required for a program is provided. Residents are never expected to bring supplies, snacks, money etc.