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Each Resident is provided three nutritious meals a day, as well as three snack services. Our 4-week rotating menu is developed in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide and approved by a Registered Dietitian, it changes in the Spring and Fall to reflect seasonal menus. At each meal, Residents are offered a choice of two entrees to select from. Therapeutic menus are available to Residents upon assessment, to reflect their dietary needs or restrictions, which includes texture modification and fluid consistency changes. Nutritional supplements are provided to the Residents at no additional cost, if deemed necessary by a physician or Registered Dietitian.



AM Snack




PM Snack




HS Snack


All meals are served in the main dining room. Tray service meals are provided in the instance of illness or isolation. If the Resident requires a personal assistive device to allow for independent dining, the home will assess and provide devices at no additional cost. Staff assistance is provided to those Residents who may require more in-depth cuing or feeding at meal and snack times.

Each Resident will have access to a Registered Dietitian. Individualized dietary goals are created for each Resident and reflected in their plan of care.

There is a Resident Food Committee meeting monthly, where Residents are encouraged to bring forth any suggestions or concerns to the Food Service Supervisor.

If you wish to bring in food for your loved ones, please do so in an appropriate manner. Meals may be brought in, but we ask that you notify the charge nurse so dining space can be prepared for you and your guests. Residents are encouraged to have some of their favorite snacks available to them, but they must be stored safely. Any food items in the room must be in a sealed package or container, and foods that need refrigeration should be turned into the charge nurse for storage. This aids housekeeping in the cleanliness of our home. Please consult with the charge nurse before sharing or providing any food to other Residents in the home, to ensure it is safe for the individual to consume.

The Registered Dietitian must be a member, and in good standings, with the College of Dietitians in Ontario. The Food Service Supervisor must be an active member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management. All Dietary Aides who work in the facility must have a valid Safe Food Handlers Certificate and be willing to complete the Food Service Worker program. There must be one Red Sealed Cook employed by the facility. These qualifications are set out by the Ministry of Long-Term Care.

Purchasing Meals

If you wish to have a meal, please notify the medical secretary (front desk) in advance. The charge is $10.00 per meal.