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We encourage Residents to go on outings with family or friends. Please notify staff prior to the Resident leaving and upon the Resident’s return. Determine what the sing-in and sign-out procedure is (LOA books on unit in addition to the log book at the MAA desk upon entry to the building). Leaves of absence policies are governed by provincial legislation.  The policies are summarized below:

Medical Leave

A medical leave is a leave of absence for a thirty (30) day period, or less, for the purpose of continued hospital care. The Resident’s Attending Physician must indicate to the facility that the Resident will be in a position to return to the Home by the thirty (30) days. If the physician states otherwise, the Resident or responsible party must assume, in writing, the responsibility of the full daily rate including the Government’s portion, in order to hold the bed after the thirtieth-day. The maximum bed holding period is thirty days. The Resident or responsible party may, at any point past the thirtieth day of the extended medical leave, discharge the Resident from the nursing home and discontinue the bed-hold.

Psychiatric Leave

A medical leave that is deemed a “psychiatric” for assessment and care, there is an absence of up to sixty (60) days at a time is available to all Residents of long-term care facilities. The terms of medical leave apply to psychiatric leave.


Depending upon the length of time a Resident has resided at the Home, one or more vacations of up to a total of twenty-one days within a calendar year may be taken without risk to the Ministry subsidy.

Casual Leave

In the case of a casual absence during the period between midnight on a Saturday and midnight on the following Saturday, the total length of the Resident’s casual absence during the period cannot exceed 48 hours.


The Home may arrange for the long-stay Resident to receive a different bed or room where the Resident’s needs have changed while on their leave and as a result a different bed or room is necessary.

The Home will not be responsible for the care, safety and well-being of the Resident During the absence and that the Resident or the Resident’s POA/SDM assumes full responsibility for the care, safety and well-being of the Resident during the absence.

The Resident’s POA/SDM is required to notify the Administrator of the home if the Resident is admitted to a hospital during the absence or if the date of the Resident’s return changes.

A Resident who is absent (medical, psychiatric, vacation, casual) from the Home must continue to pay Accommodation Fees for each day of the absence.