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The Fiddick Story

For more than 50 years, Fiddicks Nursing Home has provided a safe, caring and enriching home to all who we have had the honor to care for.

The birth of Fiddicks Nursing and Retirement Home began in Strathroy ON, in 1964, after Mike Fiddicks maternal grandmother (Maxine Fiddicks mother), Daisy Dodge, fell ill and required full time nursing care. Without realizing, Mike began his informal education at a very young age, for what would later become his greatest passion and life work, the care of our most vulnerable population.

In June of 1981 Mike graduated from the Funeral Directing Program at Humber College. At the same time, Maxine was growing and expanding her care for the aged and medically fragile in Petrolia, Ontario. Having moved Fiddicks Nursing Home from Strathroy to the location on Princess Street, Petrolia in 1968, then to First Ave, Petrolia, in 1978.

As business began to evolve and the need to care for the most vulnerable grew, Mike was faced with the decision to return to University and join his mother in the care and management of Fiddicks Nursing Home. The decision was made, and Mike enrolled in the Canadian Hospital Association, Long Term Care Management Program at the University of Ottawa. He completed his studies in 1987.

For 36 years, Mike and his beloved mother Maxine, worked side by side, building and running what some would see as a business but in fact what has been their life’s work. What began as a 60 bed facility in 1978, quickly evolved over time, into a 165 bed facility with more than 155 staff members.

In 1993, a new 36 bed Retirement Home was attached to the existing facility.

In 2002, a new 32 bed Long-Term Care unit facilitating private rooms were added.

In 2013, a 2 level building housing 60 Long-Term Care beds and 2 respite beds were added.

In 2014, the oldest original building hosting 61 beds was retrofitted down to a 37 bed unit which is compliant with current Ministry of Health facility standards and regulations.

Each expansion was a direct result of Mike and Maxine’s determination and vision. The building went through many transformations over the years but the partnership between Mike and his Mother remained strong as did their goals: “provide a safe, happy and caring home for all that they would have the privilege to offer a home to. Love and care is given freely, residents come first”.

“It has been, and continues to be, an honor to serve our many Residents and their Families.”

-Maxine Fiddick

Who are we? & What are we about?

  • We are committed to supporting an environment that is comfortable, clean, safe and caring all the while, promoting quality of life experiences.
  • We are dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment for Residents, families, employees, community service providers, volunteers and students.
  • Our home recognizes that each Resident deserves a holistic approach to their individualized care that encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural support.
  • Which is why our home has a priority to ensure that a full complement of health care services and programs are available to all of our Residents as we endeavor to respect their individual freedom and privacy.
  • We set a standard for courteous dialogue with each other, the Residents and our community service providers. We seek to understand each person’s unique needs, dreams and perspectives while focusing on a positive environment that is free from bias or judgement.
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do, from Best Practice Guideline Implementation, to Continuous Quality Improvements, we always have a passion for superior, innovative and specialized care for our Residents.
  • It is the principle of FNH + FRH Ltd. management and staff that all Residents CARE needs are a top priority. Our staff are encouraged to imagine each and every Resident as if they were their own family member and to treat them with the utmost dignity and respect as they would to their own loved ones.

“We, as a team, are committed to supporting our Residents in promoting a life with wellbeing, safety, comfort, purpose, dignity, choice and respect. Residents are our #1 priority.”

-Management Team

What does the future hold?

  • The Fiddick Family and the Fiddicks Management Team are committed to the community we serve and look forward to future endeavors to help meet the needs of the municipality and surrounding areas.
  • We believe that the home should be part of the community and that the community should be a part of our home.
  • Our commitment is to respond to our community health needs with compassion, hospitality and clinical excellence. We have identified continuous quality improvement as a key initiative to drive our strategic planning in order to deliver maximum value within our resources.

“Let our family home become yours.”

-Mike Fiddick


Our philosophy is to bring about meaningful quality of life by providing excellent CARE for all.


Improving quality of life through compassionate and innovative CARE.


Fiddicks Nursing Home & Retirement Home Ltd. believes in the principles of:

Compassion | Accountability | RespectExcellence.

These CARE values are shared by all stakeholders to drive culture, identify priorities, and provide a framework in which all decisions are based.


We are committed to providing compassionate care and comforting support that values the strengths, needs and desires of those we serve.

We live this value, every day by:

  • Providing holistic care and restorative therapies;
  • Delivering interesting and meaningful programs;
  • Assisting in the activities of daily living and promoting wellness;
  • Caring about people and meeting their diverse needs.
  • Being honest, trustworthy and forthright in all that we do.


We are committed to acting with integrity and to using services and resources in a responsible, accountable and transparent manner.

We live this value, every day by:

  • Following good governance and using resources wisely;
  • Ensuring all matters are conducted fairly, honestly and impartially;
  • Engaging and listening to others;
  • Maintaining safe, secure and healthy environments.
  • Fostering strong partnerships with all our community service providers


We are committed to upholding resident/client rights and respecting diversity; by embracing our differences and supporting others we demonstrate fairness, inclusion and equity.

We live this value, every day by:

  • Embracing the diversity of all people;
  • Respecting feelings, wishes, rights, roles, and traditions of our residents.
  • Providing individualized care that enables people to be as independent as possible;
  • Being conscientious to ensure we provide services and care based on residents’ choices
  • Responding to emerging local community needs.
  • We commit to our individual roles with an understanding of the connection and dependence on one another’s dedication towards common goals.


We are committed to providing the highest quality of care and service; through innovation, teamwork, customer satisfaction, best practices and working co-operatively.

We live this value, every day by:

  • Achieving success through quality improvements and partnerships;
  • Building capacity by investing in a committed and skilled workforce;
  • Embracing innovation and encouraging continuous learning;
  • Striving to be the best by providing exemplary care and services.