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In spite of everyone’s best efforts, there may be a concern about the quality of care, operation of the Home or actions of a staff member that impacts a Resident’s well-being. If you have a concern, bringing it up directly with the home’s staff or management team is your best first step.

Once the home is aware of the complaint, they are required to investigate. They must acknowledge your complaint within 10 business days to let you know how they plan to resolve the issue, when the issue will be resolved or if they believe the complaint is unfounded. If the home believes the complaint is unfounded, they must explain why.

The RHRA only has authority to act on complaints relating to the Act or the Regulation. The RHRA does not oversee:

  • Employer/employee relationships – the RHRA does not have the authority to mediate workplace disputes or to terminate employees in a home
  • Rent rebates, notification periods, and evictions. The RHRA does not have the authority to provide financial compensation to residents, families or complainants in these matters

All complaints must be submitted in writing:

  • by completing the RHRA Complaint Form or
  • by letter or email.

Complaints often contain information about a Resident that is personal including information about their health. If you are not a Resident and are filing a complaint on behalf of a Resident, the RHRA may require the resident to sign an Authorization Form to release their personal information and/or personal health information for the purpose of handling the complaint.

The Complaint and Authorization Form can be submitted by:

  • fax: 1-888-631-0170
  • mail: 55 York Street, Suite 700, Toronto, ON M5J 1R7
  • email:

If you need help submitting a complaint or have any questions about the process, call us at 1‐855‐275‐7472.

RHRA reporting: