Palliative Care

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High Tech Monitoring Makes Our Home Completely Secured.
We believe that pain relief is a choice and the right of each resident as it facilitates optimal comfort, functioning, and enhances quality of life.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care is the combination of Active and Compassionate therapies intended to comfort and support individuals who are living with, or dying from, a progressive, life-threatening illness, or are bereaved.

Our Palliative Care team will provide comprehensive care and pain management using a multi-disciplinary approach, individualized to each resident on an ongoing manner.

Our Services include:

  • A private, comfortable room with rooming-in option available, close to the nurses' station
  • Palliative Care Team members and Volunteers will visit regularly and provide companionship to family and your loved one. A butterfly will be placed outside the door to notify staff if your loved one requires palliative care.
  • Spiritual counselling is available for all denominations.

The Fiddick family is pleased to provide immediate family members with complimentary meals when visiting a palliative care resident.