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“Each and every resident will be treated and cared for as if they were one of our own family members”
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Fiddick's Nursing Home is licensed as a Nursing Home under the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and meets all the standards of the Ontario Nursing Home Act.

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Fiddick's Nursing Home provides a choice of rooms for residents consisting of ward, semi-private and private, as well as six Lounge areas, a large Dining area, and two Activity areas for the resident's comfort and enjoyment. Click Here to learn more.

Fiddick's Retirement Home provides both semi-private and private rooms, each with a three-piece en-suite bathroom, a spacious Dining area, Lounge, and access to the Activity area and manicured courtyard with barbeques and a gazebo. Click Here to learn more.

Our Commitment
  1. To provide excellence in care, to assist individuals to prolong their life, and to rehabilitate each individual to the ultimate level of health that they are capable of attaining within their limitations.
  2. To create a home-like atmosphere where residents can be stimulated to function at the peak of their physical and mental abilities
  3. Through programs and activities, the Home is in partnership with not only the individual, but also with the individual's family and friends. As caregivers, we are also in partnership with other long term care facilities, community resources, the Hospitals and Doctors in Petrolia, Sarnia and London, and Community Care Access Centre Placement Service.
  4. To meet or exceed all the requirements and standards set forth in the Nursing Home Act, Administered by the Ontario Ministry of Health and any other regulatory bodies.
  5. To maintain kind, capable staff in all departments, providing the best nutritional and Nursing care in a clean, well-kept environment.

Our History

Fiddick's Nursing Home Ltd. opened April 1, 1978 at the present location with 60 beds and 1 private Respite room, replacing the original home which began operation in 1968 on Princess St. , A new 36-bed Retirement Home was attached to the existing facility in 1993. In 2002, an additional 32 Long-term care, private rooms were added.

Fiddick's Nursing Home and Fiddick's Retirement Home enjoy a quality reputation throughout the community and beyond.

Employment with Fiddick's
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Administrator Michael Fiddick
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